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This is a website owned and operated by Factory Direct Pipeline Products, Inc. (FDPP), an authorized distributor for Wanner Engineering Inc. and Hayward Flow Control Inc.

Our business model is simple, shipments are made directly from the factory warehouse to you... our overhead is kept to a minimum and we pass the savings along to you through discounted pricing.  Please use the navigation bar to the left to learn about each type of industrial pump we offer and contact us for prompt answers to your questions.

Hydra-Cell Pumps have a sealless design; they do not have cups, packing or mechanical seals.  The are used for flow rates from fractional GPM up to 45 GPM for discharge pressures from 50 to 3000 PSI.  Hydra-Cell pumps are ideal for pumping cryogenic, very hot, abrasive and reclaimed fluids that compromise traditional "sealed pumps".

Vector Peristaltic Pumps are also a sealless design, however they are better suited for non-continuous applications that require higher flow rates and/or discharge pressures less than 100 PSI.  Vector pumps have excellent suction lift capability and can pump very viscous fluids such as syrup, adhesives, oil, paint etc...

Webster R Series Pumps are a sealless magnetic-driven centrifugal design used in water and waste water treatment applications and for chemical, plating and marine environments that would be corrosive to alloy materials.  The Webster R Series magnetic-drive centrifugal pumps are design for flow rates up to 130 GPM and for discharge pressures <40 PSI.

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Hydra-Cell sealless positive displacement pumps are used throughout the precision machining industry to deliver machine tool coolant at higher pressures for better chip breakage and ejection.  We've made a special website for our high pressure coolant pump systems, including specifications and itemized pricing online at http://www.highpressurecoolant.com.