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Webster Non-Metallic Centrifugal Pumps

Webster non-metallic centrifugal pumps are designed specifically for pumping corrosive fluids or operating in a corrosive environment.  Available in both mechanically sealed and mag-drive configurations, these centrifugal pumps are extremely efficient and eliminate metallic components in contact with the pumped fluid.

Product Line Overview

webster c series non-metallic centrifugal pump C Series (mechanically sealed)

The C5, C7 and C8 Series pumps are designed specifically for continuous chemical duty service. They are rugged, precision molded, and feature dynamically balanced, enclosed impellers. Units are available in CPVC (Corzan®), fiberglass reinforced Polypropylene, and PVDF (Solef® ) with ratings of 1/3, 1, and 1-1/2 horsepower. The standard mechanical seal is a John Crane Type 21 single seal, carbon/ceramic. Other seal materials are available depending on the process fluid. And, water-wash seals are available for especially aggressive or "crystallizing" liquids. Pump models are also available with a rugged cast iron bearing frame for belt-drive or other coupled drivers.

webster r series non-metallic centrifugal pump

R Series (sealless mag-drive)

Using the latest, patented pump technology, the Series R all-plastic, corrosion resistant pumps will stand up to the most aggressive, demanding industrial and commercial applications. From the heavy duty, thick wall, glass reinforced polypropylene or ETFE pump body construction, to the rugged epoxy painted motors, there is simply no better mag-drive plastic pump available. Every one of the Webster mag-drive pumps comes with an extended two year warranty.

With horsepower ratings from 1/3 to 5 HP, applications requiring flow rates from 5 to 140 GPM and with maximum total dynamic head discharges up to 141 feet, you will find a Webster Magnetic Drive Pump to meet your requirements. And because the process media never contacts metal, there is never a danger of pump failure due to rust or corrosion. Because they are magnetically driven, they have no seals, thus no emissions, leaks or expensive seal replacements.

d series hayward webster vertical centrifugal pump

hayward webster s series vertical non-metallic centrifugal pump

D Series

The D1 and DD1 are enhanced replacements of the durable SS1 series pump. The 1/8 HP motor with 1/2" diameter extended shaft and (4) precision machined pump mounting pads ensure trouble free performance for the more demanding industrial applications.

Precision molded, dynamically balanced, semi-open impellers with a unique "tandem" design allow for its ability to operate against closed discharge valves.

S Series

These rugged, chemical duty pumps are available in CPVC (Corzan®, fiberglass reinforced Polypropylene, and PVDF. Precision molded, dynamically balanced, "enclosed" impellers allow pumping of abrasive solutions and operating against closed discharge valves.