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Hydra-Cell™ Pumps
have a sealless design; they do not have cups, packing or mechanical seals.  They are used for flow rates from fractional GPM up to 45 GPM for discharge pressures from 50 to 3000 PSI.  Hydra-Cell pumps are ideal for pumping cryogenic, very hot, abrasive and reclaimed fluids that compromise traditional "sealed pumps".

Our Hydra-Cell™ pumps are positive displacement and unlike centrifugal, gear, air operated diaphragm and progressing cavity pumps, ours operate at ≥90% efficiency.  Furthermore, they are sealless, meaning they have no cups, packing or mechanical seals, and this provides you with long reliability and minimal maintenance costs.

Hydra-Cell™ Pumps - Right For Your Application?

Since Hydra-Cell™ pumps are sealless and positive displacement, our applications generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. Difficult to pump fluids: These range from reclaimed water, recycled machine tool coolant, acids, slurries, very hot or very cold fluids, viscous and shear sensitive fluids.  Fluids like this tend to stick to the sealing surfaces of other pumps causing accelerated wear and leakage.  The operating pressures range from just a few PSI to several hundred PSI.

  2. High Pressure Applications: Atomizing of water, airless paint spraying, high pressure machine tool coolant pumping, Reverse Osmosis and high pressure cleaning applications such as centralized service water systems, paper mill felt cleaning and steel mill hydraulic descaling are all examples of high pressure applications.

  3. Precision Metering: Hydra-Cell's meet API 675 metering pump standards in terms of linearity, repeatability and steady-state accuracy.  They are an especially cost-effective pump for metering applications in excess of 60 GPH.

The unique design of the Hydra-Cell™ Pump is not dependent on the fluid being pumped for internal lubrication. In-fact, all the bearings and moving parts are isolated from the fluid being pumped. This is why we can reliably pump chemicals, abrasives, slurries, viscous products, seawater, re-circulated water and many other fluids, either hot or cold. Our pumps are available with both metallic and non-metallic pump ends and can be direct driven with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motors.

How Do They Work? Click Here to see a cutaway model  


They're Sealless!  There are no cups, packing or mechanical seals in Hydra-Cell™ Pumps.  All the sliding and rotating parts are isolated from the pumped fluid.  This enables you to pump solids laden (dirty) fluids, very hot or cold fluids and also lets you run the pump dry!  Your piston, plunger, gear and progressing cavity pumps will not hold-up to tough fluids as well as Hydra-Cell's™.

Reliability.  Hydra-Cell's™ have up to 30% fewer parts than other common industrial pumps.   Less parts equates to less maintenance and downtime - which can be very costly.   If you're having mechanical seal problems or replacing stators and rotors on a regular basis you ought to really consider switching to Hydra-Cell™ Pumps.

Smooth, Consistent Flow.  Since Hydra-Cell's™ are positive displacement pumps, each rotation displaces a fixed amount of fluid.  Our pumps are often used in conjunction with variable speed motor controls as metering pumps - reliably dosing or transferring fixed amounts of fluid in a process.  Unlike piston pumps and other reciprocating pumps, Hydra-Cell's™ provide a smooth, virtually pulsation-free flow rate.  With the exception of certain membrane and plastic piping applications, pulsation dampeners are not required.