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Compact, cost-effective pump systems for high-performance metering applications

Hydra-Cell™ P100 sealless metering pumps meet or exceed API
675 performance standards for Steady-State Accuracy
(±1%), Linearity (±3%), and Repeatability (±3%).


Unlike conventional metering pumps, Hydra-Cell™ P100 sealless metering pumps are designed to handle a wide range of fluids from clear water to thick slurries.


Hydra-Cell™ P100 sealless metering pumps do not have costly external stroke adjustment, rather they are designed to work with efficient programmable pump controllers.  Each pump model can be used for a wide flow range


It is the unique hydraulically-actuated and balanced diaphragms
that provide superior performance and unmatched reliability across the entire pressure range. Send us your inquiry today!

Model P100 Flow Rate vs. Pressure Performance Chart


Additional specifications and information: