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Wanner Engineering Model D04 Hydra-Cell™ Pumps

Flow rates from 0.30 to 3 GPM at pressures from 50 to 2500 PSI

D04 Hydra-Cell PumpThe D04 Hydra-Cell™ Pump is very similar to the Model D03, except is is capable of nearly twice the pressure!  This pump has the same steady state accuracy of ±1% with a repeatability and linearity to 3% or better as its' smaller counterparts the F20 and D03 series.  They also have the same tolerance for running dry and pumping reclaimed fluids.

This special higher pressure version addresses some market segments that benefit from discharge pressures over 1,200 PSI such as CNC grinding wheel unloading, CNC turning centers, hot water pressure washing and small capacity hydraulic atomization systems. 


As compared to the D03 series pump the D04 has:

  • The crankshaft and connecting rods have larger lands and are harder and polished.

  • D04's have a cast housing, which includes more material and strength.

  • The diaphragm plate is machined from steel instead of aluminum.

  • The diaphragms have a retaining lip on the front and rear side to withstand higher pressures.

  • The manifold and valve plates are thicker for strength and their bolts are longer and heavier.

  • The oil reservoir is larger to to reduce air entrainment.

Hydra-Cell™ Pumps are sealless positive displacement pumps capable of higher pressures (up to 2500 psi).  One of our best customers for these pumps is a manufacturer of pressure washing equipment used at construction sites and plants that have zero discharge policies.  The water and chemicals used for washing are reclaimed, and since our pumps do not have cups, packing and mechanical seals, they are more reliable and perform better.  Hydra-Cells™ also operate quieter and run smoother than pumps based on older technology.  This particular OEM uses HOT Water in the 180ºF range.  At these temperatures piston and plunger pumps are quickly damaged - Hydra-Cell's™ enable their customers to take advantage of the higher water temperatures available.

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