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Wanner Engineering Model F20 Hydra-Cell™ Pumps

Flow rates from 0.10 to 1 GPM at pressures from 50 to 1500 PSI

F20 Hydra-Cell PumpThe F20 Hydra-Cell™ Pump is a powerful positive displacement pump capable of flow rates from 6 to 60 GPH at pressures to 1,500 PSI.  These pumps are primarily used as metering pumps for a wide variety of industries for pumping everything from sulfuric acid to aqueous ammonia for NOx reduction at power plants.

F20 Hydra-Cell™ Pumps have a steady state accuracy of ±1% with a repeatability and linearity to 3% or better, and therefore they are often used as a high capacity metering pumps.  Its' high volumetric efficiencies combined with a huge selection of metallic and non-metallic materials of construction enable us to meter slurries, acids and critical additives with superior reliability.

F-20 Hydra-Cell Pump for aquaeous ammonia SCRF20 Pumps are available with 56C configurations for close coupling.  The pump head can face in any direction and like all Hydra-Cell Pumps is designed to operate continuously indoors or outdoors.  When used with a VFD, F20's are a versatile and inexpensive alternative to LMI, Milton Roy and Pulsafeeder metering pumps.  From a chemical metering perspective, a completely Hastelloy constructed pump with Teflon diaphragm costs less than $2,200 - compare that to any other metering pump for flows in the 20 to 60 GPH range. 

Going to Hastelloy isn't your only option, like most Hydra-Cell Pumps, F20's are available with brass, 316SS and polypropylene materials as well.  Elastomer materials include high temperature buna and viton, neoprene, EPDM and Teflon.

Recent applications for F20's include pumping CO2 for Merck Rahway's R & D facility for their cryogenic lab workstations, pumping aqueous ammonia at a Hell's Gate NY power plant and surfactant injection for a manufacturer of snow making equipment.

If you are contemplating purchasing a metering pump, contact our office for a no obligation review of your requirements - we might be able to save you a bundle!

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