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Model C62-C64 Sereis Pressure Regulating Valves

C Series Hydra-Cell™ pressure regulating valves bypass system fluid to prevent excess system pressure. When a system discharge is completely closed – such as a closed spray gun, closed valve or plugged nozzle – Hydra-Cell™ pressure regulating valves bypass the total system fluid flow. They also balance system pressure for multiple-orifice operations, essentially "regulating" the system pressure through bypassing of "excess" fluid.Internals of a C Series pressure regulating valve

The Hydra-Cell™ Valve design is simple: a tapered plunger with a valve seat. When excess pressure overcomes the adjustable spring pressure on the plunger, the plunger lifts off the seat, allowing fluid to bypass and reduce system pressure. When a Hydra-Cell™ pressure regulating valve is mounted in the discharge line, its' modified flow-through design reduces wear on the plunger and seat. Baffles on either side of the plunger and seat extend life by directing the flow around these internal components.

The sealless design eliminate fugitive emissions leakage and is ideal for fluids containing particulate.

For service, simply remove the top of the body and replace the worn internal components. Hydra-Cell Valves can be serviced in place without removing any fittings or plumbing.

• Ideal for high pressure, dirty fluids
• Sealless, flow-through design
• Heavy-duty construction
• Immediate response

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We will specify which pressure regulating valve to use with the corresponding Hydra-Cell™ pump, or you can send us an inquiry and we'll respond within 24 hours.